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The MasterTrak© GiftTrak application provides a tool to assist the Fund Development department in the management and control of contributors and contributions..  This application allows the user to maintain master records for contributors, restricted funds, pledges and various contributor and gift codes.  Contributor gifts may be entered , receipts and acknowledgement letters printed, and the daily transactions processed to the General Ledger and to Transaction history.

Contributors can be integrated with the Organization membership and gifts linked to the Group for which the gift was made.  Matching gifts are tracked and a journal of these matching gifts is produced by matching company.  Special premiums may be given for a gift and the cost of this premium deducted from the gift for tax purposes.


General Capabilities


Entry of contributions                            Printing of gift receipts                                       Linked to Membership

Multiple Acknowledgment letters          Multiple pledges for contributor                         Alternate addresses

Employer data                                      Related contributors                                          Matching Gift tracking

User assigned Codes                            Premiums by gift level                                       Contributor/Gift notes

Events, Campaigns, Promotions            Honors and Memorials            


Master Files and Transaction Entry


Contributors                                         Designated Funds                                             Contributor Pledges

Contributor Codes                                Gift Codes                                                        Honors/Memorials

Solicitors                                              Employers                                                        Campaign

Events                                                  Promotions                                                       Daily Gift Transactions

Contributor Gift History




Contributor Statements


Contributor Cards


Phone-a-thon Cards




General Ledger Distributions


Contribution Analysis


Contributor Giving  Summary